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Our first single Lyddie Shears is released today!

Here's the lyric video for our first single! Lyddie Shears was supposedly a witch who lived in Winterslow, Wiltshire in the 19th Century and could turn into a hare. Apparently a hare was shot by a farmer with a silver bullet (recommended by the local vicar) and Lyddie was found dead in her bed with a silver bullet in her heart. While I was writing this song, I kept seeing hares around where I live on the edge of Sheffield, having rarely seen them before. The tune in the middle is Baby Brock, written by Rosie (Butler-Hall) for her lovely friend Sue in memory of Aunty Pauline’s woodland, where there was a badger’s set with lots of baby badgers born in the spring.

Lyddie Shears | Rosie Hood

Baby Brock (instrumental) | Rosie Butler-Hall

Arrangement | The Rosie Hood Band

Recording & Mixing | Tom A Wright

Mastering | Nick Cooke

Puppets | Robyn Wallace & Rosie Hood

Filming | Nicola Beazley & Rosie Hood

Editing | Rosie Butler-Hall & Nicola Beazley


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