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"She has a magical voice, an awareness of her roots, a sense of fun on stage, and of course, makes the most marvellous music "

- RnR Magazine

"An exquisitely evocative voice"

- FolkWords

"Rural ballads and poetic class"

- The Guardian

A folk singer/songwriter from Wiltshire, Rosie Hood is known for her strong, pure voice and captivating performances. A BBC Performing Arts Fellow in 2015 and a 2016 Horizon Award nominee, Rosie has become more than purely a traditional singer. Having learnt folk songs from an early age, Rosie has a keen interest in the history of traditional songs, particularly those of her native Wiltshire, where she has spent time researching in the local archives and developing a broad repertoire of local songs. June 2017 saw Rosie Hood release her first full-length solo album The Beautiful & The Actual, a collection of old and new folk songs, described by The Guardian as “a classy arrival” ****.


Rosie has toured the UK and Central Canada both solo and as part of The Dovetail Trio as well as collaborating and performing with a host of fellow musicians including Emily Portman, Jefferson Hamer, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne and the Andy May Trio. Rosie is currently working with talented accompanists Nicola Beazley (fiddle/cello), Robyn Wallace (melodeon) & Rosie Butler-Hall (fiddle) in addition to performing solo.

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