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A Seed Of Gold is released today!

After years of performing some of this material live, months of writing, arranging and recording new songs, a couple of weeks of touring and many many hours worrying about what you're all going to think of it...A Seed Of Gold is finally released today!

I am incredibly proud of what me, Nicola, Rosie and Robyn have made and am so grateful that they all agreed to work with me to make this band and album what it is. Their gorgeous playing has inspired me to write more because I could imagine the songs coming to life through their instrumental skills, and their encouragement has given me the confidence to explore more personal themes and experiment with our sound as a band. I absolutely love the chamber folk sound we've created together and I hope you do too.

We're going to do a Q&A in the next few days about the album, so if you have any questions for any of us in the band then reply to this post and we'll do our best to answer them.

The album is currently exclusively available from Bandcamp where you can listen and order both physical CDs or digital downloads. If you order today then Bandcamp will waive their fees meaning almost everything comes directly to us and the making of the album.

Our second single Marrow Seeds was released a couple of weeks ago so here's the video to give you another taste of what you'll hear on A Seed Of Gold:


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